Hi There.!!

My name is Janie Day, Owner of DayDreams Therapeutic Massage, LLC in Huntsville, Alabama

The things my business stands for is respect, honor, and dignity. I want you, the client, to feel safe, have trust in me, and feel good about yourself when you walk in and out of my door. Caring about each client is my number one goal. I believe caring about people shows in our personalities and how we treat others. It is my hope that the warmth of DayDreams Therapeutic Massage, LLC will be felt when you come to visit and the warmth will stay with you once you leave.

DayDreams Therapeutic Massage, LLC will provide a safe and respectful environment for you and your family. You will be treated with the care you deserve and leave feeling good about yourself.

I will be offering flexible hours to cater to your busy lifestyle.

As a massage therapist, my mission is to keep you healthy for years to come. My purpose is to help you to be grounded, claim peace and harmony, and make room for happiness and well being.

I look forward to meeting you

Janie Day/Owner, LMT # 3194





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